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10:57am 01-15-2018
Ken & Patsy Robertso
We love your site. Thanks for all your good work!
4:21pm 03-01-2017
James Riley
Terry, we understand that Scotty Holmes passed yesterday; 2/28/2017. Hope you are well...........and we appreciate your website.
4:30pm 12-29-2016
James Riley
Hi Terry! Just wanted to let you know that J.R. Tivis died 10/31/2016.

Hope you are well.
8:28pm 05-30-2015
Debbie Fenter
My sister was Joyce Fenter, the valedictorian of the class of '56. I had 2 other sisters that graduated Portales High, Wanda Fenter in '61 or '62 and Edythe Fenter in '63. I love finding these photos of them when they were younger. I wasn't born until '57 so I missed most of their school years. This is a pleasure to see.
10:51am 09-30-2014
Stuart Legg
Hi Terry! I should have been in the class of "57 Had Our Dreams" but I had to move in the mid' of my soph yr in 55. I've never got over having to leave but my father was a Bishop in the Church and he had to go where they sent him. Did hook with Kingman Nix and played Guitar in his band in the early 70's.
6:16pm 08-05-2014
James Riley
Hello Terry! Just a quick note to let you know that we were able to find information on R.L. Knight. He died in 1966.
Thanks for your website!
Best wishes to you and yours.
3:32pm 06-20-2014
Billy Westerman
Thanks for sharing
6:35pm 06-15-2014
Ann Harrison
Thank you for doing this, the quality is excellent. I grew up looking at my sister's Yearbooks, she is a Sophomore in the 1957 one.
7:53am 06-09-2014
Gary Lucas
I belonged to the PHS Class of 1965. I enjoyed reviewing your Portales memories. A really nice presentation.
7:53am 06-08-2014
Carole Ford Mellin
How lovely to see all those wonderful old photos. Thank you for all your time and hard work.

Carole Ford (class of 1960)
5:57am 06-08-2014
Larry L Boykin
Terry this site is awesome. You have done a ton of work keeping history alive.
Love ya cuz
9:18am 10-20-2013
Joan Recker
Terry, you've done such a super job with your web site. Thanks for all the great's so nice to be able to relive it all. I especially liked the pictures of Rod's and Christine's home and grounds--that's such a nice way to remember a great 2013 reunion.
2:59pm 10-11-2013
Keith & Sue McCrary
Terry great web site. Thanks for the great pictures of the 2013 reunion.
4:25pm 09-25-2013
Doris Flowers McAfee
Terry, thanks for posting the reunion pictures! Good job, enjoyed visiting with you and Janelle.

10:36am 09-19-2013
James A. Riley
Great pictures of the 56th reunion…..and all the others as well! Thanks for sharing!
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