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9:05am 09-19-2013
Barbara Sinclair
It was so great to see you and Janell at the reunion! I just looked at the latest pictures you have posted and they are SO good! Thanks for always keeping us updated on our class. If you have any ideas....creative/unusual/special....for our 60th reunion please let me know! We want to make it super special....God willing, we'll all still be around! Take care and be well! <3
10:52pm 08-10-2013
Sallie Downer
Enjoyed your stories, My husbands, family was from , Utica, New York. his dad, Joe Downer, passed away in June of 1976. Must have been a different set of, Downer's.
4:57pm 04-30-2013
James Riley
Elvis Van Winkle died on April 27, 2013. Here's a link to his obituary. Thanks so much for maintaining this web site!
11:17pm 04-08-2013
Susan Meadows
I found your site by accident. I have really enjoyed reading it and the pictures. I'm the great granddaughter of Carl Eloise Turner. One correction I might add is my grandmother, her daughter was Ina Bell Morris not Anabell as you have listed. I never knew a lot about this side of the family, so it was a real treat to find your site. Does anyone know very much about Carl Eloise? I have a painting that was painted by her sister Cornelia (we were told her name was Connie and done when she was married to George Prim) that Connie had given my mother years and years ago. I enjoy doing family history and your site has certainly helped me a lot. Thank you for your wonderful site.
1:16pm 04-04-2013
Laura Downer
After I noticed Joy was listed as Samuels daughter, I went back a generation to see if she was listed properly as his sister and she was not. Also, you are missing one of his brothers. In section 45, the first child of John Bunyon Downer and Jennie Mills was Ray Downer, then they had Mary Virginia. After Samuel Mills, Joy Bell Downer was born. They had a total of 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls. Whew! HAHA
12:13pm 04-04-2013
Laura Downer
I noticed in the section "Downers of the South" you had the children of Samuel Mills Downer (his name is also spelled incorrectly as "Samual" and Carolyn Maxine (Section 99) listed as Jonathan, Kenneth, and "Joy Bell"...Joy is actually Samuels sister, not his daughter. Their third child was another son (my husband) Danny Ray Downer. Just wanted to keep your records straight!
1:09pm 02-07-2013
James & Joy Riley
We appreciate you for making all of the pictures available! Great job! Thanks! Hope to see you at the 56th Reunion!
6:54am 12-26-2012
Laurie Shade-Neff
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year dear neighbors! We have much gratitude to celebrate! Love to you and yours. Loved the pictures!
10:54pm 12-25-2012
Robert Turner
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Thanks for all the work you put into your website. I am still off work from the shoulder surgery I had, I am having another surgery in the morning for a Deviated Seption?something to do with my nose! I hope to see yall again, Robert
2:34pm 12-12-2012
Barbara Sinclair
What a great tribute to Gerald. So sad to see another of our classmates pass away.
I was recently trying to re-connect with Ann Smith McDow's daughters, and found her actual grave stone via ! Ann's date of death is Sept. 8, 1985. We lived in the same area from 1976 to 1980 and then I lost track of her, due to some family issues she was having. In my search, I also discovered that Ann's oldest daughter, DeAunn, had passed at the age of 48. So very sad!
Hope you and yours are well. Take care and thanks for this site. It's great. Barbara and Cloyce
5:48pm 11-11-2012
Kingman Nix
I enjoyed the great pics. I remember playing baseball and football with Gerald, and sorry that he has passed. God's blessing to sandra and family.
11:31am 11-11-2012
Lawanda Calton
It's good to see these photos and remember. Sorry to hear that Gerald has gone on. I am thinking of you, Sandra, and your family.
9:31pm 11-10-2012
Margaret Wheeler
Margaret (Smith) Wheeler
I enjoyed the pictures and they demonstrate that Gerald lived a full and exciting life. It is sad to see our loved ones pass. May God be with your family. Christian Love, Marge
2:12pm 10-24-2012
Calvin Horner
It's been a long, long time since I saw all my old frineds and enemies.

The memories are overwhelming.

I'm sory to see so many of them passing away while we still have so much to do.
11:37pm 10-19-2012
Ida Stokes Nicholson
I enjoyed all this so much. Thank you for the many long hours I'm sure you have spent putting it together.
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